CTP News Ohio

BulletPartner Name: Summit County, OH

BulletPartner Location: Akron, Ohio

BulletPartner Primary Point Of Contact: Gene Esser, County of Summit Engineer

BulletFEMA Point Of Contact: Region 5: Ken Hinterlong, (312) 408-5529, ken.hinterlong@dhs.gov

BulletEffective Date Of Agreement With FEMA: September 26, 2002

BulletMapping Activities Undertaken:

BulletCommunities Affected By Mapping Activities:



Partnership Agreement - Copy of Initial Signed Agreement Between Partner and FEMA.
PDFPartnership Agreement (KB) (Request a text equivalent.)

Mapping Activity Statement(s) - Copies of Signed Agreements Between Partner and FEMA on Specific Mapping Activities.
Statement #1 (KB)(Request a text equivalent.)

For more information on the mapping activities that are underway, please contact the individuals identified as 'Points of Contact' above or visit the FEMA CTP web site at: https://www.fema.gov/cooperating-technical-partners-program/cooperating-technical-partners-program-0.

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