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This webpage provides up-to-date information regarding NFHL changes including Alerts, Announcements, and the NFHL Inventory table. Refer to Alerts to find information regarding NFHL system unplanned maintenance. Refer to the Announcements to find the relevant information for planned maintenance, and NFHL Resources. Reference the NFHL Inventory Table to find the most updated future FIRMs and download.


Description Estimated Time to Resolution Last Updated (ET)
The system is fully functional. NA NA

NFHL Inventory Table

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New versions (V3.0.1) of the Keyhole Markup Language (.kmz) files for viewing the FEMA Stay Dry and National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) overlays in Google Earth have been released. Users of the previous versions should upgrade to the new version. Below are direct links to download the newest kmz versions:

Visit the Using the National Flood Hazard Layer Web Map Service (WMS) in Google Earth page for instructions on how to view the overlays in Google Earth using the new kmz files.

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